Construction on the 2.5 km Demonstration Stretch, Ballinamore station – Corgar is in progress with a completion date expected in autumn 2020. Architectural design at the old Ballinamore Railway station is in progress and work is expected to get underway in 2021. The heritage buildings at the station shall be refurbished to provide digital hub, exhibition areas and a community space.

In 2020, the 5.5km Demonstration Stretch Ballyconnell – Ballyheady was completed by Cavan County Council and Waterways Ireland. This is classified as a Blueway because it runs along the Shannon Erne Waterway

The Outdoor Recreational Infrastructure Scheme 2020 is currently open for grant applications. Ballinamore Development Company working in partnership with Leitrim County Council hope to submit a funding application for the 2.5 km Corgar to Aughawillan stretch as a Community Partnership project. See MAP section for details of completed and outstanding stretches of the route.

Progress depend on the agreement of the private landowners, planning permission being granted along with a successful grant application. It is acknowledged that the private landowners are impacted by the project in many ways and their agreement to its construction reflects their civic generosity and empathy with the wider community.

In 2021, design work on the Ballyconnel -Belturbet stretch will be completed. This is being delivered as a part of the Shannon Erne Blueway. The greenway is being progressed in a series of short Demonstration Stretches on old railway line or along the Shannon Erne Waterway ( ‘SEW Blueways’).